Dec 27 2012

Barn Life, Not For This Cat!

I would like to share a true story about a cat that is now living a very plush and comfortable life.

One of our clients, who I will call Mrs. P., often visited a horse farm where her daughter took riding lessons.  As we know, most barns usually attract cats and mice.  One afternoon as her daughter was having a lesson Mrs. P. noticed a beautifully stripped cat with a white fur collar that was limping.  Mrs. P. and her daughter were very concerned and brought the cat to Sharp Animal Hospital for an exam.  During the exam they were informed by the doctor that the cat had a fractured right front paw and to their surprise, she was also expecting.  The winter months were approaching fast and Mrs. P. was afraid for the limping, expecting critter.  The barn owner agreed to let Mrs. P. and her daughter care for the cat until spring.

It takes about 63 days for cats to have kittens.  During late winter the cat delivered 2 beautiful kittens.  Unfortunately, one of the kittens didn’t survive.  Mrs. P. and her daughter decided to name the new mother Ma Ma Cat.  They also named her one baby kitten, Baby Cat.

In the spring it was apparent that MaMa Cat had no desire to return to barn living.  The barn owner understood and was glad to hear that the new mother and kitten were healthy.  Mrs. P. and her daughter are so glad to have MaMa Cat and Baby Cat as part of their family.  MaMa Cat and Baby are also purr-fectly happy lying around in their warm furry bed.

Recently, 15 year old MaMa Cat came to our office for an exam because of a swollen eye.  After a thorough examination it was determined that it was a tooth abscess creating pressure on her eye and surrounding structures.  The following day the dental surgery was performed on MaMa Cat.  She is now much more comfortable and excited to go back home and relax in her furry bed with her baby.

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